Monique MorrowMonique Morrow holds the title of CTO Cisco Services with a focus of developing strategic technology and business architectures for Cisco customers and partners With over 13+ years at Cisco though, Monique had been engaged with Cisco during the start up days in the mid-1980s, Monique’s journey has taken her from Customer Advocacy to Corporate Consulting Engineering with an emphasis on Service Provider Segment that include a stint in the field [Asia-Pacific] with the goal to build a technology team and a successor as to transition her duties.

Monique took a bet on MPLS as a technology service enabler and was right. Further, she was one of the leaders in developing the business opportunity for Cisco in the Service Provider segment, SP NGN.

Under the Office of the CTO, as both individual contributor and manager she built a leadership team in Asia-Pacific, specifically China and India as an affirmation of Cisco’s globalization and country strategies. Monique has consistently demonstrated risk taking in exploring market opportunities for Cisco.

Monique holds an MBA, Marketing, City University, Zurich, Switzerland,  M.S. Telecommunications Management, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California, Graduate Certificate in Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, University of Southern California., B.A., French, San Jose State University, San Jose, California, Diplome d’Etudes Superieures de la Civilisation Francaise, L’Universite de Paris- Sorbonne, Paris, France.

Monique is active in numerous professional and industry associations including:
• President of the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council Asia Pacific
• Vice Chair, ITU-T Telecommunications Advisory Group, for period 2013-2016 as confirmed by the US State Dept;
• Broadband Commission WG Broadband and Gender;
• Vice Chair of the ITU-T Focus Group on Cloud Computing
• Chair of the Joint Coordination Activity (JCA) Chair on Cloud Computing
• Vice Chair of the ITU-T Focus Group for M2M Service Layer
• Active in both the IETF and ITU-T SG 13, with a focus on MPLS Operations, Administration and Management (OAM).
• Cisco Representative to ITU-T TSB \CTO Meetings
• Served as IETF/IAB Liaison to ITU-T for NGN
• Senior Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, (IEEE)
• Active in the ITU Girls in ICT initiative
• Member of IEEE Women in Engineering.
• Life Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).
• Served as Vice-Chair of the IPsphere Forum (IPSF) – (integrated into the TM Forum)
• Served as Advisory Director for the TM Forum.
• Technical Program Committee for MPLS 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012.
• Technical Advisory Board of IEEE ComSoc ONTC PRISM

Further Accomplishments:
Cisco Tech Fund Winner, Programmable Seamless Virtual Cloud Framework also captured in the press:
Monique on Innovation:
ITU-T Interview:

Morrow, Monique, and Kateel Vijayananda. Developing IP-based Services: Solutions for Service Providers and Vendors. San Francisco, CA: Morgan Kaufmann, 2003. Print.
Behringer, Michael H., and Monique Morrow. MPLS VPN Security. Indianapolis, IN: Cisco, 2005. Print.
Morrow, Monique, and Azhar Sayeed. MPLS and Next-generation Networks: Foundations for NGN and Enterprise Virtualization. Indianapolis: Cisco, 2006. Print.

Monique currently has 9 patent submissions filed with US Patent Office.
She has three patents issued by the US Patent Office.

Monique has also been published in IEEE and other journals and is speaks frequently in conferences. She is passionate about Girls in ICT and has been active at the ITU on this topic and presented at the EU Parliament on April 25 2013 as an advocate for Cisco and our CTO Padmasree Warrior. Monique is on the Strategic Advisory Board for the School of Computer Science at North Carolina State University.