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ISSIP members and Universitians are invited to volunteer for a global education grand challenge.

The World University and School ( has the goal of offering learners a way to earn a recognized free degree for their academic discipline of choice from anywhere in the world. To be available for free in all languages is a very ambitious grand challenge, and ISSIP and WUaS together will only accomplish this with thousands of dedicated volunteers worldwide. Volunteers can contact Scott MacLeod for more details.

Did you know that there are over 7,000 languages used by people in the world today? The MIT Open Course Ware initiative has courses available in about 8 non-English languages, so there are many more to go. By comparison, portions of Wikipedia are available in 287 languages.

Do you have ideas for how to help mobilize the thousands of volunteers that will be needed? This is a service innovation grand challenge, and Scott is asking for interested ISSIP volunteers to contact him to help. You can learn more at the World University and School website (

Volunteers are needed to: (1) curate existing course materials, (2) create new course materials, (3) help with the process of accreditation, (4) improve the usability of the current website, and make it more learner friendly, and (5) create ideas and implement them to help mobilize thousands of volunteers worldwide. You will have an opportunity to learn about Creative Commons Licenses, MIT Open Course Ware, Wiki-based Online Learning Platforms, MediaWiki/Wikidata, and much more. Please contact Scott MacLeod to learn more and volunteer.

Come co-create for universal education. ISSIP is the International Society of Service Innovation Professionals –

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