Current standing Committees are listed below.  To inquire  about or join an ISSIP Committee, please send an email to


Conferences Committee

  • Oversee ISSIP Conference activities
  • Chair: Haluk Demirkan,Professor, University of Washington
Elections Committee
  • Administers ISSIP Elections.
  • Chair: Charlie Bess, HP Fellow
Nominating Committee:
  • Administers ISSIP nominations for various elected positions
  • Chair: Ammar Rayes, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco Systems

Executive Committee

  • Manages the day to day tactical operations of ISSIP
  • Chair: Yassi Moghaddam, Executive Director, ISSIP
Publications Committee
  • Set guidelines for and manage ISSIP publications
  • Chair: Ralph Badinelli, Professor, Virginia Tech
Education Committee
  • Leads and define criteria for ISSIP certifications and badges for services, solutions, systems, courses and workshops, develop BOK, develop testing and auditing criteria
  • Chair: Haluk Demirkan, Professor, University of Washington
Mentorship Committee
  • Oversee ISSIP-industry-academia Student  Mentorship Program
  • Chair: Yassi Moghaddam, Executive Director, ISSIP
New Members Committee
  • Increase quantity of both institutional and  individual members of ISSIP
  • Chair: Yassi Moghaddam, Executive Director, ISSIP