Parminder Kocher

ISSIP Ambassadors to Cisco Services Technology Innovation Incubation Center

Parminder Kocher has been working for Cisco Systems for more than 8 years. Most of his time at Cisco, he worked at Cisco Remote Managed Services (RMS) business where he aggressively and progressively transformed their complex, multi-tenant Managed Services platform over the years. He lead a large, global Engineering workforce that was available 24X7X365 to provide maximum service availability to our customers and to the Service Delivery teams that supported them. Alongside of that immense responsibility, he also worked with his team to incubate solutions many times outside of business hours all because he knew the need for innovation. Because of the importance Cisco Serviced has placed on Innovation and the immense risk and potential that comes along with sponsorship, Parminder moved off the RMS team to build the Services Technology Incubation Center (STIC) and has been leading this group for almost 2 years. STIC is a small organization with a start up like mindset dedicated to identifying and rapidly prototyping futuristic ideas and testing the market.

Under his leadership the team has:
• Created “Shark Tank”, an Internal VC Process for selecting the futuristic ideas
• Confirmed Technical Feasibility of 10 Innovations
• Validated the Value Proposition of 6 Innovations through Piloting
• Secured Commitment for 5 Solutions to be added to Production Roadmap/Development and Market Release
• Developed Leadership potential of employee to cultivate Innovation Evangelists and Technology Experts

Prior to joining Cisco, Mr. Kocher spent eight years in various roles building OSS/BSS systems. He holds a bachelor and masters degree in Computer Science from California State University. He later received a Masters of Business Administration degree in Finance and Management from Baylor University.

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