Davor Meersman

ISSIP Ambassadors to European Cooperation for Science and Technology, COST

Davor Meersman heads the European research strategy at iLab.o, one of the largest living labs in the world, located in Brussels, Belgium, and part of iMinds, an independent ICT research institute uniting more than 1000 researchers from all Flemish universities. He is currently working on Service Science and Domain-Driven Innovation topics with a focus on service and platform innovation, and verticals in Smart Cities, eHealth, and Future Internet and its applications. He is an Adjunct Research Fellow at the School of Information Systems of Curtin University in Perth, Australia, where he recently finalised a PhD on the topic of Domain-Driven Innovation. He is currently leading a large international consortium in the preparation of a Trans-Domain Project on Service Science in the COST Programme, Europe’s longest running intergovernmental framework for science and technology cooperation. The COST International Network for the Research, Exploration and Advancement of Service Science aims to advance the field by establishing unified service perspectives across service research disciplines; by bringing to bear the role of the platform in service innovation; by reorienting existing research and frameworks in favour of user-centricity; and by developing a pan-European Service Science research and education programme and curriculum. Davor is a founding member of IFIP Working Group 12.7 on Social Network Semantics and Collective Intelligence, corresponding member of the E-Business and Web Science research group of the BW University Munich, an early member of ISSIP, PC member of international conferences and workshops such as IESS and ODBASE, and has been an invited speaker on various occasions.

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